Why ProMotion Dance?

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Why ProMotion Dance?

Featured below is a letter from Ayda Coskunpinar, an Istanbual, Turkey native who auditioned for the Indianapolis Colts Cheerleaders after attending our Indianapolis Audition Workshop and was chosen for the team! Congratulations Ayda and thank you for the kind words! You’re in for the ride of your life, and we’re so happy that ProMotion was key in your auditioning process.


“Preparing for a dance team audition can be pretty overwhelming. From the very beginning stages where the thought of possibly trying out crosses your mind, all the way to the audition day, there is a lot to prepare for; physically, mentally, and sometimes emotionally. It is very important to know what you want and have a set goal in mind, and although you can absolutely choose to go through this process alone, you do not have to do so. This is where ProMotion comes in.

Regardless of the level of experience you have with dance team try outs and the dance world, I strongly believe that attending one of ProMotion’s workshops is one of the wisest things you can do as a future dance team candidate. I will elaborate a little bit on why…

About a month before the auditions for the professional team I wanted to try out for, I was still debating on whether I was all in or not for various reasons, despite the fact that I had auditioned for and made a professional dance team before. I decided to attend the workshop, last minute, injured, and not very focused… Turns out, the workshop was exactly what I needed to make a decision and create a roadmap for my vision. I can confidently state that the ProMotion workshop was the most comprehensive, professional, and informing workshop I had ever attended. The attendees were trained on technique, choreography, interviews, makeup & hair, communication with the coaches and how to draft a professional resume. It is a unique opportunity to spend a day with trainers who have had several years of professional dance team experience. If you are new to this dream, it is a great opportunity to ask questions directly to individuals that have “been there”, which is a tremendous value…

For me, even with my previous years of dancing and professional dance team audition experience, attending the workshop was one of the most influencing factors in my decision. It put me back in the professional dance mindset, gave me confidence and allowed me to create a preparation plan for the auditions. The trainers were extremely professional, talented, experienced, kind, and willing to help. If you are planning on auditioning for a dance team, my sincere recommendation for you is to attend ProMotion’s workshops to be as best prepared as possible for your dream team!”



Written by Brittany Hagan