How Do I Stand Out With a Professional Dance or Cheer Team Coach Without Being Pushy?

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How Do I Stand Out With a Professional Dance or Cheer Team Coach Without Being Pushy?

We got some GREAT questions back from our audition survey! This was one of them.

Q: With all that’s going on during pro dance auditions and the massive amount of women auditioning, how the heck are you supposed to make an impression on her without seeming too desperate or arrogant?

We love this question, because you thought out how you might come across to a coach. You are anticipated her perception of you, and thinking through things before you do them, this is a great start!


1. Make a connection ahead of time! Find a personal connection to the coach. Whether it be a veteran on the team, or someone at the studio or salon that sponsors the team, maybe you came to a game as a little girl. Whatever it is, make that connection.
2. Before you ever step foot inside an audition prep workshop, do you research, get her contact info, and send a quick email introduction!
3. In the email, tell her about the connection you have to the organization or her, talk a little bit about your excitement for the upcoming workshops, and does she have any advice for the upcoming audition.
4. Once you get to an audition WORKSHOP (NOT the day of auditions), introduce yourself! Say “Hey, I shot you an email before the workshop, I know Jess who was on the team last year (or whatever your connection was), and I’m so excited to get started with this process!”

It will do a couple of thing. It will let her know that you’ve done your research, that you have a connection to the team already, and that you’re eager and enthusiastic about this opportunity. Extra brownie points that you’re at an audition workshop!

Simple, effective tips that Jess and I have used in our own pro audition life and we ended up making both teams!

See the video version below!

Written by Brittany Hagan