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ProMotion Dance is the leader in elite sports dance choreography for dancers and teams. We specialize in prepping teams and dancers for the next level whether that be a top college team, pro team, or successful career in dance. Our mission is to propel your dancers to the edge of their comfort zone by pairing them with challenging choreography and the industry’s top dance professionals in a fun and challenging way.

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The time has FINALLY come! The digital audition prep program is ready!

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Meet the team

We bring years of experience to the table having danced for everything from world-renowned musical artists to professional sports teams.


Brittany Hagan


Jessica Runnels




Justine Menter


Tamara Ammons-Jones


Melanie Potesta-Austin


Eric Blythe

Kind words about ProMotion Dance

  • I attended the convention this past weekend and I had a blast. I felt like it was a wonderful experience for me because I had the opportunity to take class from such amazing dancers and I learned a lot about the audition process that I didn’t know. it was extremely informational and I am so glad that I came.

    Maggie B

  • The workshop was great! I loved all the choreographers there and am looking forward to more events hosted by ProMotion Dance.

    Sarah S

  • Just wanted to thank you and all of the ProMotion team for allowing me to do what I love, and to help make me a better dancer. My favorite dance styles being Contemporary and also Jazz, the hip hop classes were an awakening. The styles were very different from that of my studio, and I enjoyed it. I loved the entire weekend, the teachers, the numbers, and mostly the people there making the entire weekend a time to remember. I’ll definitely be marking my calendar every time there is a ProMotion event!

    Ethan M

  • The ProMotion Dance Clinic was seriously out of this world! It really was a clinic for everyone, and I loved that. As a collegiate dancer it was challenging enough to keep me working hard, and fun enough to take the dances back to my team for our season. Also all the choreographers really aimed to make you a better dancer, both skills and confidence wise. If you want to become a stronger performer, ProMotion Dance is definitely for you!

    Morgan G

  • ProMotion made me step outside of my comfort zone and try all types of different dance styles. It made me open my eyes to what it takes to be a professional dancer. I would recommend ProMotion to anyone who wants to further their dancing career or even anyone who loves dance. It was great getting to work with some awesome choreographers and meet amazing new people who share a love of dance. After ProMotion, I am more confident not only with my dancing, but also an an all around person.

    Shelby C

  • ProMotion is so much more than just a dance clinic. In addition to stepping out of your comfort zone, ProMotion helps to prepare you for upcoming tryouts and auditions! With the added bonus of spending a couple of days with talented choreographers and dancers.

    Kiyana L

  • I would highly recommend attending their next convention near you if you want your team to reach its full potential.

    Jordan C

  • Brittany and Jess run a tight ship and we couldn’t be happier with the techniques and guidance our girls received for the weekend they spent with each other.

    Amber K